In Memory of Mercia Bowser-Bah

Warren E. Leggett

Honoring the legacy of Jordan Peer Recovery’s Advisory Board Member, recovery advocate and friend.

It is with gratitude and honor, but heavy hearts, that we send this message celebrating the life of Mercia Bowser-Bah. Mercia was a vital member of the Jordan Peer Recovery team and a trusted and valued member of Jordan Peer Recovery’s Advisory Board.

She loved Washington DC. She was a native Washingtonian and was proud of her city and people who call it home.

Mercia was an advocate for all those who were underrepresented. She was an advocate for the disability community and the Peer Recovery community. She was a pioneer in DC for peer recovery, believed in peer recovery wholeheartedly and felt that it had a place in community interventions worldwide. Her passion was unmatched, and her natural leadership made people stop and listen.

She shed light on critical issues plaguing individuals within both the recovery and disability communities. She would always stand up for what was right – even if it meant standing by herself. Mercia never hesitated to speak her mind and if she felt like someone was being silenced, she would speak up and be their voice.

Mercia Bowser was a woman of honor, who lived her life helping people less fortunate. Her legacy will be remembered by all who knew her. Never one to bite her tongue, she had an innate ability to recognize injustice and never had a problem in calling it out – working tirelessly to correct problems usually connected to people who had no voice. In this regard, she will be missed and never forgotten, for it was through her contributions that many of her fellow human beings got the opportunity to turn their lives in a better direction.

We ask that you keep our Jordan Peer Recovery family, along with Mercia’s family, in your thoughts during this time.

In honor of Mercia’s life and legacy, we will be announcing new initiatives that will continue her work with Jordan Peer Recovery, as well as the recovery and disability community, including a scholarship fund and new curriculum.

Rest well and rest in peace for a job well done.

With love and gratitude,

The JPR Advisory Board

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