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The Institute of School Community Peers (ISCP) is a cutting-edge educational model designed to leverage the unique experiences and achievements of individuals who have navigated educational systems under challenging circumstances, such as having an Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 Plan or experiencing biases and other barriers. These individuals, having succeeded beyond their educational hurdles, are empowered to positively influence the educational framework in collaboration with community and educational stakeholders.

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Model Overview

ISCP builds a peer-led support network within schools, utilizing the lived experiences and resilience of those who have overcome educational barriers. This model aims to foster an environment that supports both academic and social growth, emphasizing the importance of cultural responsiveness and peer support.

Training Framework

The training for ISCP is robust, incorporating the National Family Peer Curriculum under Jordan Peer Recovery’s national model and the Together Specialist Model, developed by certified educational school peers. This training is enriched with the “6 Figure Grants” program, which equips participants with skills in securing and managing significant grant funding. This component is vital for the sustainability of the program, empowering participants to secure necessary resources and expand the reach of the ISCP model.

Statistical Support and Research Integration

Research supports the efficacy of peer-led models in educational settings. For instance, studies indicate that peer support can reduce dropout rates by up to 15% and improve attendance by about 24% among at-risk students (Journal of Educational Psychology, 2019). Moreover, culturally responsive teaching has been shown to increase student engagement and decrease suspension rates by up to 10% (Cultural Diversity & Education, 2021). These statistics underline the potential impact of integrating peer recovery with cultural responsiveness in enhancing educational outcomes.

Sustainability through Grants and Funding Training

Training in grant writing and funding acquisition is a cornerstone of the ISCP, ensuring the program’s longevity and adaptability across different educational settings. Well-funded peer programs are shown to sustain improvements in student outcomes over time (Education Finance and Policy, 2022).

Collaborative and Community-Centered Approach

ISCP fosters collaboration with families, educators, and community leaders, creating a community-centered approach that enhances the program’s integration and effectiveness. This collaboration enriches the model with diverse perspectives and resources, increasing its impact.

By empowering individuals who have firsthand experience with educational challenges, the ISCP aims to transform educational environments into inclusive, supportive communities that recognize and utilize the strengths of all its members, driving substantial improvements in both academic and social dimensions.



We pride ourselves on being a peer led workforce. This includes our CEO Dr. Masica Jordan and our leadership team, training staff, and advisory members. Jordan Peer Recovery was born from personal recovery journeys, making us deeply invested in creating a high performing, talented peer recovery workforce. We are invested in your success.