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Grieving is a process.  While everyone experiences grief in their own way, it’s essential to have support, to work through grief emotions and to share your story. We are here to listen.

Everything You Need to Overcome Grief and Loss

During a disaster or large-scale emergency event, some people may suffer multiple losses. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be unable to physically be with a loved one during their passing or to grieve in-person with family and friends. Other forms of loss include job loss or unemployment, loss or reduction in support services, or other lifestyle and relationship changes. These losses can occur simultaneously, prolonging or complicating the grieving process and delaying a person’s ability to recover. We know how you feel. We are here for YOU.

Trustworthy Content

There are over 100 hours of content within the Grief and Loss Centers of America platform. All content was developed by licensed, trained, and experienced psychologists, clinical social workers (LCSW/LMSW), board licensed professional counselors (LCPC) and certified peer support specialists (CPRS).

The platform is evidence-based, culturally responsive and trauma responsive.

Customized Experience

Grief and loss is not “one size fits all”. Because our experiences are as unique as our fingerprints, you start the process with an assessment that allows you to document your experience with grief. A member-specific, personalized Pathway to Peace Plan will automatically generate in the platform upon completion of the assessment. The plan provides a customized experience by providing you with recommendations for activities and resources that are in the platform. These suggestions are based on your assessment and includes hyperlinks to provide ease of access while navigating the platform.

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We pride ourselves on being a peer led workforce. This includes our CEO Dr. Masica Jordan and our leadership team, training staff, and advisory members. Jordan Peer Recovery was born from personal recovery journeys, making us deeply invested in creating a high performing, talented peer recovery workforce. We are invested in your success.