Dr. Angela Henderson

Dr. Masica Jordan, LCPC

Dr. Angela S. Henderson is the Interim Director of the Social Work Program at the University of the District of Columbia. She has dedicated her life to advocating for social, economic, and environmental justice and protecting the human rights of individuals, children, and families. This passion for public service led Dr. Henderson into a thriving career in social service, where she has held various roles ranging from caseworker to advocate. She is a Social Solutionist known for accomplishing complex tasks under high-pressure conditions. Dr. Henderson is the C.E.O. of Asher Services, where she provides innovative political analysis, research and accreditation services and solutions.

She served as the facilitator for SJ49 the Department of Health Professions Need for Additional Social Workers Study Bill. SJ49 is a Virginia version of the Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Social Work Reinvestment Act. SJ49 was introduced by state Senator Jennifer McClellan in January 2020 and passed by the Virginia General Assembly on March 3, 2020. In 2012, Dr. Henderson established the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy (CRISP), along with Dr. Charles E. Lewis, Jr., and former Congressman Edolphus Towns. In 2018, Dr. Henderson was appointed to serve on the Virginia Board of Conservation and Recreation, further reiterating her commitment to environmental justice.

Dr. Henderson was recently selected to serve as a Black Community Stakeholder by the White House Office of Public Engagement. She additionally serves as a Policy Advisor to the President of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). She has an extreme passion for educating youth and has mentored countless students in their pursuits as lifelong learners and leaders. She often credits her community for her achievements, stating there is always “mentoring in the village.” She received a B.S.W. from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 2003 and a M.S.W. from Howard University in 2004. Dr. Henderson earned her P.h.D. in social work from Howard University in May 2013.



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