Dr. Angela Bullock

Dr. Masica Jordan, LCPC

President and CEO

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Dr. Jordan leads our illustrious team of staff and advisory board members at Jordan Peer Recovery.  In addition to being a cornerstone of our organization, she is a professor at Bowie State University, and has developed multiple peer recovery initiatives throughout the duration of her career.

Dr. Jordan has assisted over 50 agencies and 3 countries in developing Peer Support and other behavioral health programs. She has also served as a Subject Matter Expert for several non-profits throughout the United States and internationally in the areas of peer recovery, evidenced based practices, research and program evaluation.

Dr. Jordan is also an internationally sought out presenter who has spoken on platforms with Dr. Cornel West, Niam Akbar and many others. She has also been featured on FOX Media and Radio One, as well as numerous local talk and news shows. Her innovative behavioral health program to advance the lives of minority at-risk students was featured on the 2010 HBO documentary film, “Waiting for Superman”.

Dr. Jordan has used her in depth expertise to facilitate workshops, seminars, management training, audits and assessments to numerous organizations. We are proud to have her lead the Jordan Peer Recovery team.



We pride ourselves on being a peer led workforce. This includes our CEO Dr. Masica Jordan and our leadership team, training staff, and advisory members. Jordan Peer Recovery was born from personal recovery journeys, making us deeply invested in creating a high performing, talented peer recovery workforce. We are invested in your success.