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Building a Culturally Responsive Peer Recovery Workforce

We are devoted to creating a highly competent, culturally aware, and diverse peer recovery workforce with our comprehensive educational and training program. At Jordan Peer Recovery, each person is encouraged to find their own holistic path to progress.

Jordan Peer Recovery provides a comprehensive training program for those in pursuit of the internationally recognized Peer Recovery credential. Our focus is on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor and support those who would like to enter or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. With the assistance of our curriculum and expert training you will be on the path to becoming an important part of someone’s recovery journey.

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I enjoyed the professionalism and knowledge that the facilitators shared in the training course.
BLACKWELL, PG County Health Department
Jordan Peer Recovery training helped improve my skills and their workforce registry helped me find employment as a hospital-based peer recovery worker.
A. SAMPSON, Baltimore, MD
The Peer Recovery training was practical and informative. The interaction among the participants was wonderful.
Z. MOORE, DLU Baltimore, MD

JPR Community

The JPR Community is a member based community dedicated to building competency, integrity, and cultural awareness witthin the peer recovery workforce. The JPR Community works to help build a more culturally responsive peer recovery workforce by providing educational information and resources devoted to competency, cultural responsiveness, diversity, and inclusion. 



We pride ourselves on being a peer led workforce. This includes our CEO Dr. Masica Jordan and our leadership team, training staff, and advisory members. Jordan Peer Recovery was born from personal recovery journeys, making us deeply invested in creating a high performing, talented peer recovery workforce. We are invested in your success.